Handmade Shea Butter Hand Balm

I made an ointment for the first time! This was for my battered hands.

Ingredients: beeswax, unrefined shea butter, grape seed and pomegranate seed oil, lavender and rosewood essential oils.

I put too little beeswax and too much carrier oil so it ended being really soft.  Works well except for being rather greasy so I use it before bed. Will put more beeswax and less oil next time. I don’t really like the smell of rosewood but am trying to use it up. Despite all the essential oils I put in it, the smoky, nutty smell of the shea butter was still quite strong.

Am wondering if I could use this to polish wood…

I poked it as it was setting in the refrigerator, That’s why you see a smudge..Ughh


2 thoughts on “Handmade Shea Butter Hand Balm

  1. Oh? You’re trying this stuff too?

    I’m planning on doing the same, except making a face lotion. Hm… I’m honestly a bit worried about the shea butter smell. I’ve heard it’s quite uh… interesting. Not sure if I’d want to put it on my face but it’s noncomedogenic, so… I wonder if I should switch it out for mango butter instead… at least mango butter would smell good, right? Maybe attract more mosquitos and flies though.

    Mango butter is also noncomedogenic, but I suppose I’d also have to look into the benefits of mango butter to the skin/face and compare it with Shea butter.

    Actually, I’d also have to start looking into the waxes and oils I should use. I was originally thinking of picking by the comedogenic ratings, but I just realized I need to keep other benefits in mind.

    Ah, but for a hand lotion, definitely using beeswax.


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