Hand-sewn Chinese Silk Purse Hand-Embroidered with Plum Flowers and Butterfly


100% Silk on Silk.

My own attempt at a hanfu hebao. I meant to make it out of blue satin but I couldn’t find it in the right color so I had to use blue silk instead which is more expensive *groan* The plum blossoms design is from a template but the thing was printed in such a blurry fashion by inkjet on paper that in the end I had to use my own imagination to fill in the blanks.

I made this for a friend and gave it away just before Chinese New Year but my computer troubles plus New Year obligations meant that I only got around to uploading this now.

I promised someone that I would make a bigger bag but I don’t know when that will be finished…I have yet to choose/buy the fabric…


周杰倫【天涯過客 官方完整MV】Jay Chou “Tian-Ya-Guo-Ke” MV

Vincent Fang, Jay Chou’s lyricist, is probably the highest profile Chinese/Taiwanese celeb who supports hanfu. Besides organizing hanfu activities in China, he has appeared on Taiwanese TV promoting hanfu.

Behind the scenes filming this MV: