Cold Plum Reflects the Snow Buyao Hairstick 寒梅映雪步摇

0050-1w 0050-2w Materials: brass, rabbit fur, crystal, red agate, freshwater teardrop pearl

Hairstick length: Approx 14cm Dangle length: Approx 9.5 cm

Meant to evoke the crystalline purity of fresh plum blossoms in snow. The pearl used is a natural freshwater teardrop pearl.

It’s actually inspired by my favorite tune (^3^) This is the character theme music of a character from Taiwanese Pili Puppet Show 霹雳布袋戏。


Carved Shell Hairstick Buyao with silver goldfish and lotus/贝壳金鱼莲花步摇

0044-1w 0044-2w

Materials:carved shell, brass, shell pearl, crystal, red agate, opal

Hairstick length: Approx 13cm Dangle length: Approx 12cm

The flower on top is plum while the one below between the goldfish and the opal bead is a multiple-petal lotus.