Crescent moon and gold rabbit buyao/月牙金兔步摇

0040w Materials: carved bone hairstick, carved shell flower, crystal, carved shell moon, opal, glass

Hairstick: 15.5cm Dangle: 13cm

Rabbit in the moon theme again with whimsical carved shell crescent moon and golden rabbit. 

EDIT: I made a silver version of this but it has been sold. Silver Version

Jade Rabbit Buyao/玉兔步摇


Materials:carved shell hairstick/cloud/flower, fluorite, xiuyan jade rabbit, opal, crystals, shell pearls, glass

Hairstick: 13.7cm Dangle: 10.2cm

Inspired by Chinese folklore about the Jade Rabbit in the moon.The fluorite bead glows brightly in the dark after light exposure symbolizing the full moon.

This photo was taken in the dark to show the glow (^^)y