“One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes”

I made a miniature felted rose under a glass dome! This is part two in my “Little Prince” series. The sickly sheep is here.

If you remember the book, the rose demands that the little prince place her under a glass dome every night to protect her from drafts.
rose2 rose3
rose1 rose4

I gave this to a close friend as a present 🙂

Black rose glass bead bracelet with pink Swarovski crystals and gold rhinestone spacers 黑玫瑰玻璃珠粉水晶金水钻隔珠手链



Materials: Rhinestone spacers, metal, Swarovski crystal, glass

Adjustable length with extension

Available for sale at He Yue Zhai Guqin Music and Arts Centre.