Chinese Suzhou Style Hand Embroidered Peonies Silk Scarf

(100% Silk on Silk) by Ink Jade Studio

peonyscarf1 peonyscarf2 peonyscarf3peonyscarf4

I embroidered this as a Xmas present (design not by me though as this was from a kit) for a close friend. Just delivered it safely and on time. 🙂

Crescent moon and silver rabbit buyao/月牙银兔步摇 [SOLD]

0045-1w 0045-2w

Materials: brass, shell pearl, crystal, opal, carved shell

Hairstick length: Approx 18cm Dangle length: Approx 13cm

Rabbit in the moon theme with whimsical carved shell crescent moon and silver rabbit.This silver version has a silver mesh peony on top.Here’s the gold version of this:

Gold version